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We will looking at the stories of successful people, how they succeed and master they own destiny and their life style and how they can help us improve our in our road to success:- The case study in this regard is Tony Elumelu the founder of Tony Elumelu Foundation program, we will be looking at his investment and how he started and also his achievements. His a successful entrepreneur his the chairman of UBA his first acquire the Standard Trust Bank before they merge with UBA His the youngest branch manager at the age of 26 in 1997 at the age of 34 he acquired distressed crystal bank then rebranded it as standard Trust Bank and transformed it into top 5 bank in Nigeria banking industry. Let’s look at his statements he stated: looking back I find that a certain way that I do business has contributed to my achievements, I would like these business values institutionalised for posterity over the course of my career, I have learned that when you achieve a certain amount of experience and a certain amount of success. It is important to reflect on what principles, practices and decisions to take to led you to success. When you find those key elements, it is important to pass that knowledge along, so that others may learn from your success Nd also your mistake. We leverage the value of enhancing the assist of individuals. Name, history and legacy, track record, personality traits, brand, quality and excellence his way of doing business. These values are derived from the business beliefs, practices, culture and philosophy. In this study of highly successful entrepreneurs and business men you will find out a similar character within them: The creative power lies within them, they have patience and are consistency, perseverance and consideration. POWER TO GENERATE IDEAS: Ideas do not have to come from the subject matter expert, make your idea a reality. Disruptive innovation is about creating new members and discovering new categories of customers. Creativity is the generation of idea that are: Novel, Useful, Appropriate. Learning from successful leaders is an essential part towards success. Leaders must develop listening skills and ability to syndicate varying views. Highly successful people possessed the Hard Work and Creative skill that lead to: Productivity, Sense of urgency, Meeting deadlines, Can do spirit, Decisiveness, Getting things done, Result driven, Execution..

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