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In modern world today people is likely do not get to understand the meaning of the term networking, this word or term of business method has been in existence for a long time, sometimes I will see people argue about it some will say no I don’t like networking business others will have different opinion about the business. This book will put you through getting to know exactly what it is and how you could utilize the industry to expand in your area in which you specialize, the truth is that everybody whether consciously or unconsciously uses this method everyday of their life. This book will guide you step by step on how to start and succeed in networking either joining an existing one or establishing your own method in any which way you think can help you succeed in business that is why this book is been published. Many have falling in the hands of scamers who claim to be net-workers due to lack of proper understanding exactly how networking business operates, it is not a ponzi scheme where you will be promised to get double of your investment withing a couple of hours or days, it is a business that works for you overtime, its required patience and effort to grow either you are an investor or you are running it on your own, to be successful in business learn how to research and study even ask questions about a particular business you really want to invest your money before venturing into it, before you read this book to the end you will know how to invest where to invest and how to open and own your own networking business even how to franchise and partner with other companies, information is power and the way to succeed in business, you are the reason why this book is been published you will learn how to run networking business, internet or online business and how to franchise we will link you to sites and companies you can partner with like I always said research and investigate properly before you venture into it to see the one that is appropriate for you.

In early time in Africa before and during slave trading our early parents use this method of networking to do business even the white people that came to Africa then they also came to network with African traders.


            Let us now go into proper details on the topic of the day by understanding first the meaning of Networking before applying it to business or before knowing how we can utilize it to succeed in business.

Networking can be defined as a method in which one person partnered with multiple people to buy or sell a product or services. This method has been in existence since the creation of the world, understanding it is the key to be successful in business, now let me deviant a little bit Albert Eisten explains compound interest he said that understanding this method makes you a master, let me explain what this mean because it is the main reason of publishing this book, compound interest is accumulating wealth by dropping a coin regularly without tapering it or withdrawing from it, there is an adage that said: a drop of water makes a mighty ocean. Now let us proceed networking is all about engaging people of like mind in a business either to buy or sell a product or services and ask them to bring in more people that we also buy and promote the products. Networking is in two ways either you have your own products or you join to market other people products.

If you do not have money to create your own products then the best way is join an existing one to get started before you can now think of owing your own products. If you own small business or store and you want to make more sells please create a networking method to reach to more people, in fact the more purpose of networking is to engage more people to buy your product or to introduce them to an existing business by creating a means in which they will also benefit. Telling people to network with you is to map a plan in-which they can build their own wealth that is the number one reason people can even think of joining your network, please stop patronizing this people who do not understand the principle of networking, they are only there for their selfish interest. The best way to succeed in this field is to create your own product like I said if you are interested in networking business and don’t have a product you can start by joining a good platform. Always contact me if you do not have an idea about a platform to join or you want create your own product.

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Internet business have been misunderstood by many and that is the reason why this book is been published to put you through rightful method to follow in other to succeed in this field, many have been scammed due to misinformation, information they say is power, carefully study this book till the end then success is in your door step.

Internet business can defined as a method in which one can transfer information or sell product to people without knowing or seen them, to be successful in this line of business one need to carefully study and understand exactly what he want to sell or service he want to offer to people, when defining this one can now get to the next step on how to go about it or which method to follow in other to achieve this, like I said before internet business is not all about joining a site or a platform that claims that you make millions just by joining their site or network most of this people are scammers.

 To be successful in online business this are the steps to follow after you myth have defined the product to sell or services to offer then this things must be in place and this two thins must have to be considered, should you join an affiliate or market your own product. Note that affiliate is selling other people products, having considered this then you need to own a website or blog. Call us: +2348134413579 or Email us: martinschikwere@gmail.com to guide you on how to get a free website and to sell your own products.

Now master this Ten (10) steps

*Design a blog or website

*Create a content

*Drive traffic

*build an email list

*Monetize it

*Master Affiliate marketing

*Sell your own products

*Learn digital marketing

*Build an audience

This may be big or too much but do not be scared its simple and easy just master it, this are the only way made available for you to be successful in online business stop dashing out your hard earned money. Remember that some certain amount of patient is required and there some learning process that is needed.

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