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Information they say is power, in the world today where information about everything is everywhere, the truth remains that the real information that will skyrocket you to the lime light is still hidden, any business information that is pronounced or that is known to everybody will never be lucrative, real information will not be seen in social media. Since every great teacher will always refer you to your self, my writing will only help you to get the right information that is only required for your own growth, that will help you know that you are not in competition with anyone else, but you are only in competition with your own very self. So all you need is direction on how and where to get the right information more especially information that will guide you in your career and business journey which am about to disclose to you. In many occasions i have seen people say things like is not what you know but who you know, but in this regard i have seen people who know top and influential people and they are still poor and homeless, so i tell you this day that your advancement lies so much on what you know and how exact you apply what you know. In acquiring skill we need to be aware of this two necessary skill 1. Soft Skill and 2. High technical Skill, this two skills need to be properly understood because your success lies on understanding and usage of both important skills, and we should also note thae your true interest in important and in most occasions your true interest may not give you the money you truly want, so been versatile and knowing everything possible at your reach to create and manifest your dream life. If you want to learn a new skill, then go be terrible at it, trying to do well at something you’ve never done before comes with a bunch of problems, you have an imagined idea of what doing well looks like, but you don’t actually know what it is. Trying to do well at something is stressful and distracting from the actual skill you’re trying to learn And if you do badly when your goal was to do well then you’ll feel bad and you might not want to try it again. For an example if you’re learning to dive off a diving board, at the beginning any dive that doesn’t result in injury is a good dive, it doesn’t matter what your form is, if your learning to play chase then your first goal is to stay in the game, because time spent in an activity results in natural improvement and we should know that doing something badly at first is the fastest way to learn how to do something well. In developing a business skill our focus is on how to make profit, in this we should be able to know what to do eg: we should be able to develop our spiritual wealth, develop our intellectual and emotional wealth. Money is in the idea and people are with money, stop chasing money, chase problems and find solutions to those problem, visualize and be able to identify and solve future problems even before they arrive.

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