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Information they say is power, in the world today where information about everything is everywhere, the truth remains that the real information that will skyrocket you to the lime light is still hidden, any business information that is pronounced or that is known to everybody will never be lucrative, real information will not be seen …


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UNDERSTANDING:: NETWORKING AND INTERNET:: BUSINESS:: MODERN BUSINESS: In modern world today people is likely do not get to understand the meaning of the term networking, this word or term of business method has been in existence for a long time, sometimes I will see people argue about it some will say no I don’t like networking business others …


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We will looking at the stories of successful people, how they succeed and master they own destiny and their life style and how they can help us improve our in our road to success:- The case study in this regard is Tony Elumelu the founder of Tony Elumelu Foundation program, we will be looking at …

Business Development Skills

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Before we proceed on the topic, which is titled business development, we should first look at the basic or fondamental issues surrounding this subject:- Let’s first understand the principal agent of this, which is known as mental development, no man can be wealthy without proper mental discipline or recognition of self. We should first know …

Vocational Skills

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Vocational skill: is an occupation that you can learn with some basic training, Scheckmates Services have provided a means in which you may be trained in field you are passionate with, like: plumbing works, roofing, electrical, welding, industrial training, site management, solar installation, CCTV cameras installation/maintenance, car repair and many more. Let’s us further define …

Digital Skills

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Self Reliance Skills

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Career Skills

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High Income Skills

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Soft Skills

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