Facility Maintenance



Maintenance can be defined: as the upkeep of property or equipment, even at that SCHECKMATES Design see facility maintenance as an emergency response to leakages, roof washing, window cleaning or problem areas and general facility maintenance. This area of Maintenance is very detrimental to the performance of your building systems and preservation of building. At Scheckmates Services we understand the importance time and costs that house owners face on a day to day basis if a roof is leaking or any part of a building is having issues and if it’s not properly addressed. That is we have step up and develop a method that help homes to also step up to the Maintenance of their building at affordable prices. SCHECKMATES has created several options that are both comprehensive and affordable for building owners. We has done proper research to put more useful life to out customers structure or building as early as possible, we also help minimize cost on effective repair. At Scheckmates Design our goal is to be the most creative top provider of quality, to create more value and customer satisfaction in the construction Maintenance services industry. Our team and the entire companies focus on our customers will make this goal our priority in every customers.

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