SCHECKMATES roofing design is a full roofing service company that deals on designing roofs and installing it for properly with low maintenance system, we install a complete range of commercial, industrial and residential roofing products to satisfy every need of our customers. We specialize in all kinds of roofing products and design, long span roofs. Step tiles, stone coated tiles, Gerald roofs, Met_Copo. We also do roof Maintenance, leakage investigation & repaire, roof washing and repainting, roof design consulting, green roofs, water proofing. SCHECKMATES are here to protect and guide you through your building and roofing journey, to help you make the right choice of colours and the best quality suitable for your home. We specialise in exterblishing a good relationship with house owners, developers even our customers and educating them in making best possible decisions in terms of quality, designs and colours. The versity of roofing are beyound knowing how to install a particular roof system. SCHECKMATES roof design claims to be having all round knowledge and experience to handle all kinds of roofing projects beyound emergenation. We understand the importance of professionalism in accurate design, that is why we handle every roof design as a relationship and not a project. Our customers concern and satisfaction is our goal. We understand the importance of guiding you properly on your roofing projects. We know that time and efficiency is paramount to the success of any project. We believe that we are prepared to try to avoid any form of accents or mistake in our roofing formula or system. We promise that you get the total attention and expertise of Scheckmates Services and Design that you deserved


In our research we found out that materials and colour system is the important aspect of roofs design, SCHECKMATES roofs are a group of professionals and experts in roofing industries to help elevate the design and solidity of roofs. There are may factors to put into consideration when selecting the proper roofing products and finding solutions for your roofing projects. The roofing industries tend to be large open spaces and cost is usually a concern. At SCHECKMATES roofs systems we truly know the performance and cost of each roofing products and able to provide proper quality suitable for a particular project we handle. We focus in building a good relationship with our customers, we are not just building a name, we are preserving it, we don’t preserve a name by just Installation of roofs but we create designs and stand by the work we do. To us a square foot of roofing on an industrial plants is equally as important as a square foot of roofing on a high standard industry. The projects are different but the relationship is the same and we promise that you get the grand attention and expertise of SCHECKMATES roofing services and design.

The high quality roofing product with variety’s of colors

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