Solar Panel


Solar Panel Installation


THE  Installing a rooftop solar system is one of the most effective ways homeowners can proactively help address the worsening climate crisis. Generating energy from solar results in zero greenhouse gas emissions and zero environmental impact, which, to state the obvious, is a win-win for the planet.  Scheckmates Services provides a method to enhance the electrical/power energy problem facing the country through our quality solar products. With solar energy becoming increasingly affordable and reliable, more and more farmers are using it to reduce their electricity costs and dependence on Scheckmates power system. 

“Solar panel manufacturers are ranked internationally in tiers. We only use components of Tier 1 manufacturers, regardless of origin, as this tier is reserved for listed big brands with a good reputation for quality and performance, so we know they’ll be there tomorrow.”

The solutions are sourced from a variety of manufacturers depending on the cost and the unique requirements of an installation, such as whether the area of installation is particularly dusty or hot.

One of the challenges with a solar system is that it operates silently, making it difficult to spot problems and inefficiencies, unlike wind turbines that might stop moving. Ren Energy addresses this issue by monitoring the energy output of its clients’ systems remotely.

“Our ultimate goal is to become a small energy supplier, almost like a mini Supplier, but much more efficient, with mini grid infrastructure in combination with Nigerian maintenance and repair services for our clients (from municipalities to factories and farms) when and where it’s needed,” With our method of installation and products we remain the trusted company, we are here to help solve your electricity problem in affordable means.

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